Laboratory Corporation of America - LabCorp

A Forum on Why LabCorp Sucks and How to File a Complaint &
Prevent Your Healthcare Provider from Sending You to LabCorp

Laboratory Corporation of America or LabCorp, as it is known as, sucks! This is a clinical laboratory corporation that conducts about 370,000 blood tests daily (at least that is what their web site states and has over 1,600 service centers all over the USA. A company that historically grew quickly by acquiring other companies and attempted to increase the level of service and quality of test results. Well the growth is over, the service sucks and the quality of test results is substandard. As a matter of fact, LabCorp's quality of test results is so bad that it is worthy of a full scale government investigation. Charging individuals, insurance companies, HMO's and governments for tests that are not done or that produce inaccurate results is unethical and against the law. This forum will provide you full details on how to file a complaint against Labcorp with standard of care organizations, insurance companies, third party payers, Medicaid, Medicare and governmental investigative agencies.

Unfortunately, LabCorp has also been selected by many companies and governments (local, state, federal, etc..) to conduct the drug screening tests for their employees. With poor service and mistake after mistake, how can we trust our health and career to a company on the decline? Have you experienced false or inaccurate results? Let everyone know and file complaints with the appropriate government agencies. You might even have a lawsuit against them. This forum will offer advice from lawyers experienced in this area of the law.

The core of their problem seems to be their poorly qualified managers. While they have many good employees, they also have many employees that believe that they are doing patients a favor by performing the blood tests that they get paid for. In addition, the tests are processed through automated machinery that at times is not properly maintained. This can lead to erroneous results and poor diagnosis. LabCorp's test results impact the course of action and therapies that your doctor recommends.

This web site is dedicated to denouncing the substandard service and individuals behind LabCorp. It is a forum for all of us who have had it with LabCorp and are willing to stand up and advocate so that their doctors, insurance companies, HMO's and governmental officials STOP sending us to LabCorp. Our health is too important for incompetence. In the next few days a full fledge blog will be available on this web site so that you can tell your story. This blog will be distributed to all the news channels and blog networks. Read my personal story and complaints. I hope that you will also tell everyone about your own experiences and why LabCorp sucks in the LabCorp Blog.